My name is Nicole. I’m a writer, a mother, an American citizen, and a voter. On November 9, 2016 my country voted to elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. Correction, not my country but instead a few critical pockets of the United States voted to elect him. The majority of citizens cast their vote a different way.

I don’t harbor hate for those who voted for Trump. In fact members of my family and beloved friends are among those who voted to “make America great again.” Their concerns about our nation, the ones that lead them to their votes, are valid. However, I do feel like they–and all Americans–have been manipulated and conned by an unqualified megalomaniac madman whose motivations are questionable at best and dangerous at worst.  I’m terrified of where this man will lead us. 

One thousand four hundred and sixty one days is the length of a presidential term. This blog is a daily letter, a diary of sorts, from the four years of Trump’s America.


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