Day 37: Hate is not a Christian value

I had written a long, rant-like piece to post today about why I’m fed up with the people in my life who call themselves Christians, but voted for Trump, think undocumented immigrants should be deported, are anti-Muslim, and want to cut welfare, get rid of the ACA, and a whole host of other decidedly non-Christian things. But no one reads rants so I’ll make it pretty simple.

Jesus was a brown-skinned Middle Eastern man with the progressive idea that the poor should be cared for and all people have value. If Jesus were alive today not one damn one of you so-called Christians would treat him with respect, but you sure do like to invoke hate in his name. Because treating human beings like trash? That’s hate. Disrespecting people because they worship God differently? That’s hate. Actively going out of your way to make life more difficult for the needy? That’s hate. Supporting Donald Trump is an act of hate.  So if you call yourself a “Christian” but think Donald Trump is doing great things for America I strongly suggest you go back and read your Bible because hate is not a Christian value and you are not a Christian. You’re actively working against everything Jesus believed in.


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