Day 36: Liberty is under attack and her attacker is Donald Trump

I took a week off from this blog. The time off was not because things weren’t happening that should be recorded, but because there was way too much. I got overwhelmed and then I got numb. Things didn’t seem to be all that out of the ordinary. Things started settling into normal. It hit me today that this is not normal and that no matter what we as Americans can’t even for a millisecond accept any of the things coming out of Washington and the White Hous as normal. Today it became clear in no uncertain terms that liberty is under attack and her attacker is the President of the United States. Today, Donald Trump banned selected media outlets from attending a briefing today thus controlling who could report on what was going on. Those who were banned? Organizations that have been calling the President out for his lies and misbehavior. The White House, after spending weeks trying to discredit the media, just gave up and straight out cut them from the picture. At the same time, the White House was asked the FBI to dispute the reports regarding Russia and Trump’s involvement.

The President of the United States wants to control the media and at the same time wants the FBI to lie for him.

There is no giving Trump a chance. There is no trying to understand this. The man and his crew are openly attempting to dismantle the United States and take away our rights, starting with the First Amendment. Our freedoms are in trouble. We’re in trouble.


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