Day 20: Shell games

While we were all drinking ourselves into a painless stupor over the DeVos confirmation, Grand Oppressive Party minion Rep. Massie from Kentucky introduced legislation to abolish the Department of Education. As his reason for this action, Massie cited the idea that “unelected bureaucrats” shouldn’t be in charge of education.

Funny. That’s exactly what DeVos is: an unelected bureaucrat. It looks like we can again add “hypocrite” to the list of qualities required to be part of the Grand Oppressive Party. But even beyond this specific point it’s similar tactics that Trump and the Grand Oppressive Party are using to push their dangerous agendas. What is that tactic? Stir things up with a controversial thing and then, while everyone is looking in that direction introduce or attempt to do something truly insidious and hope no one catches it. This political shell game appears to be what the Trump Administration as run by Master Puppeteer Bannon is trying to run on America. Well, that and outright lies. Bowling Green, never forget.

We have to keep paying attention and we have to fight harder than ever. Also yesterday (last night, really)?  The Old White Guys of the Grand Oppressive Party told Elizabeth Warren to, effectively, sit down and shut up. When she didn’t? They pulled an obscure rule to force her into doing it.  But she still didn’t do it. Instead, she just went outside, turned on social media and spread her message anyway. We need to be like Liz: refuse to sit down and refuse to shut up.


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