Day 18: Dump DeVos

Betsy DeVos goes for confirmation vote tomorrow. Tonight, Democratic senators are spending a full 24 hours straight speaking against DeVos right on the Senate floor in an attempt to sway just one more Republican senator to vote no. Right now, the Senate is split 50-50 in their pledged votes. A tie vote would mean that Vice President Pence would cast the deciding vote and ensure that DeVos, an ill-qualified lobbyist with no background, education, or seemingly basic understanding of teaching and schools, is confirmed as Secretary of Education.

Getting that final “no” vote from the Republican camp is a tall order. DeVos is an obvious bad fit for education, but it’s likely that many Republicans feel like they have to confirm her to stay in the good graces of the President and the rest of the Grand Oppressive Party. Unfortunately, that means that these senators are more concerned about their own interests than those of the people who elected them. Here is to hoping that despite tomorrow’s vote outcome voters remember how their elected officials threw (or attempted to throw) children and education under the wheels of their ambition busses.

I’m still crossing my fingers that sanity prevails and some noble, decent Republican stands up and votes no. The education of my son and all of America’s children depend on one person doing the right thing in the face of an administration that wouldn’t know the right thing if it decided to bite them on the nose.


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