Day 17: Recalibration

I’ve had a couple of days away from this blog, but not because I haven’t been thinking and drafting in my head. I’ve been thinking and watching and trying to find the words, but every time I sit down to write I just want to rage. But rage is not why I’m here. Anger is not why i am investing my time and my energy and draining myself emotionally to keep up with this blog. I’m doing this to resist and to keep a record of the things going on under Dictator Trump. That means I’m acting as a citizenĀ journalist, not as an enraged and freaked out person.

It means that my angry and emotional vocabulary isn’t helping. It’s hurting. It’s hurting my message and it’s making me no better than the people who, before today, I would have called “ass clowns” trying to run this country into the ground.

Going forward I am going to do something that this administration refuses to do for anyone not whistling their tune: I’m going to be respectful. No more swearing, at least in regards to name calling. My thoughts are better formed than that and I want to be able to share them.

Tomorrow, back to business.


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