Day 7: Every day is the worst one yet.

Total honesty here: I have no idea how I am going to keep this up for the next four years. Every day the news is painful and disheartening and every day I feel like America is slipping away. I’m honestly waiting for the day when Trump decides to outlaw blogging. He already wants to “shut down” the Internet in some places. I keep think this is the 1930s and it’s Germany and instead of being truly alive and awake I’m actually having a weird history dream. But this isn’t the 30s and this isn’t Germany. Unfortunately, we’re turning into the next great nation to fall to a dictator.

So today I present various links I found today that made me want to build a bomb shelter, hoard books, and hide for four years.

Trump’s Staffers Have Their Own Private Email Server

Doomsday Clock Has Advanced to 2 1/2 Minutes to Midnight

Iowa Pipeline Leaks Almost 140,000 Gallons of Diesel

Bannon Says Media Should Keep Its Mouth Shut (Side Note: FUCK YOU BANNON)

Trump Pressured Park Service To Prove His Lies About Crowd Numbers

We’re Paying For the Wall via Border Tax (Brace Yourself for Expensive Avocados)

If anyone out there in another country is reading this, save us.


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