Day 5: I’m probably going to have a drinking problem before this is over

I’m not even a week into this blog/administration and the amount of heaviness and hopelessness I feel is overwhelming. I really just want to open a bottle of wine and spend the next four years functionally sloshed, but a) not practical and b) not really the right thing to do. I’m sick to my stomach about Trump’s executive actions today and just keep screaming “No DAPL” intermittently like it will matter because Trump and the Grand Oppressive Party clearly don’t care about our environment. Or us. Or anything.

But! A bright spot today. I decided to openly ask on my Facebook for people who do not share my beliefs to answer some of my questions without fear of me trying to change their mind or pick a fight. I want to understand, not argue. And my excellent friends stepped up. I learned quite a bit about how people view abortion tonight and I’m heartened by the fact that we had a civil, informative conversation. I think Topic Tuesday might be a thing. We are definitely more alike than we are unalike. And that matters.

Another reason to stay sober, huh?


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