Day 4: Something Good, but Mostly Still Bad

Today, President Trump signed an executive order that formally ended America’s participation in the TPP, or the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This order was mostly just for show as the deal wasn’t going to make it through Congress, but it is an action that holds true to his campaign promises and happens to be something that people generally seem to agree with.

On first glance, the TPP seems like something that would be a good idea. It would ease trade, protect the environment, assist with cracking down on human trafficking and boost human rights among other things. However, there have been some serious criticism of the partnership, including concerns about secrecy in negotiations and concerns that the only thing helped by these partnerships is big corporations while the average person gets screwed. Slowly but surely a good number of people came to speak out against the TPP and not just Republicans. In fact one of the most vocal voices was Bernie Sanders. By signing the order today, President Trump ensured that the TPP, or at least American involvement in it, is well and surely dead. Good work.

Unfortunantly that good work had friends hanging out nearby that are less good. Trump also signed an order dragging something called the Mexico City policy back into action. The Mexico City policy, the brainchild of Ronald Reagan and something that has been enacted and removed and enacted and removed over and over ever since, essentially forbids nongovernmental organizations that receive federal funds from preforming or promoting abortion services in other countries. What’s interesting about this is that not a single penny of the federal funds that NGOs get goes to abortion. Not. A. Single. Penny. But, per the usual, a bunch of whiny old white men want to control a woman’s body through her access to potentially life-saving medical care only this time they want to do it on a global scale to women who aren’t even American. This action, while not unusual, just continues the tension around Roe v. Wade.

I’ll say this for those in the back: abortion is a medical procedure and it’s not one that any woman enters into lightly. It’s not a religious issue (and, frankly, keep your faith off my body. I have my own faith, thank you.) It’s not a political issue. It’s a medical one, that women should be able to safely and freely make like they do countless other medical issues. Old white dudes need to step the heck back.


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