Day 2: Women March, Trump Whines

Today, millions of women across the American continent and around the world marched. We marched in peaceful protest. We marched to make our voices heard. We marched for human rights. We marched for those like us and those not like us. We marched because it’s our right, our privilege and our duty as free people. The marches were so large, so full of women standing up for themselves and others, that in many places the marching routes couldn’t even be followed. There were just too many people. We literally shut the place down. It was glorious. It was amazing. It was the beginning.

You know what else happened today? The Trump administration held a presser to complain about the media pointing out just how disappointing and pathetic the low attendance of Trump’s inauguration was. Yes, the Trump administration held a presser to have a temper tantrum. And Spicer couldn’t even use facts or tell the truth in his statement (which is presented here by the Washington Post where it is annotated and fact checked.) Temper tantrum-thrower and a liar. Ladies and gentleman, the 45th President of the United States!

But understand it for what it is: the Trump administration is attempting to manipulate and control the public through a technique called gas lighting. It’s essentially sophisticated mind games where an abuser lies and tries to make you think you’re crazy by telling you you didn’t see/hear/experience what you saw/heard/experienced. This is not a new Trump tactic by any stretch. He did it all through the campaign whenever he would say something ridiculous and then he’d claim he didn’t say it. His surrogates, like the loathsome Kellyanne Conway, did it too. The President of the United States disrespects Americans so much that he’d rather make them think they are crazy than actually be, you know, a leader.

At least America’s women stood up and showed the world we aren’t as lame as our president.


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