Day 1: We’re Fucked

(Apologies to my father for the title of this post. Love you, Dad, but I’m reduced to foul language.)

I sincerely hope that history proves today’s post title to be hyperbole. I also sincerely apologize for using profanity, but I have promised to be honest and to be forthright and the only thing I could keep thinking today was “we’re fucked.” Even as I write this I’m near tears. I can feel anxiety. As I said on my Facebook today, I feel like my country just married its abuser. We. Are. Fucked.

Here are all of the things that have made me think “we’re fucked” all day today:

-the President may have plagiarized a fictional character/Batman villain in his speech.

-that same speech makes it clear that the President doesn’t think the United States is part of the greater world.

-the removal of mentions of LGBT rights, civil rights, climate change, and other topics from the White House website.

-the President signed an executive order that no one has a clue what the hell it’s about, but it’s about the ACA so it can’t be good.

-I just heard an inaugural ball start with someone invoking Jesus.

I’m scared. I’m horrified. I’m angry. I’m more emotional than I expected. I have absolutely no idea how anyone in their right mind thinks that this man and his ilk are going to “make America great again”. America was already great.

So tonight, all I have are my emotions. That’s how this joke of an administration has personally impacted me already: my anxiety is off the charts. But tomorrow? Tomorrow we march.

1460 days to go.



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