T-Minus 5 Days: The Hero and the Horrible

Today Donald Trump reacted like a spoiled child and bully when, in response to Civil Rights icon Representative John Lewis saying that he won’t attend Inauguration and that he considers Trump to be an illegitimate president, Trump responded with a disrespectful Tweet. Let’s unpack that for a moment: the President Elect of the United States resorted to insult-tossing on social media like a junior high kid might when someone said they didn’t like their favorite sports team just because someone essentially said “I don’t support you because I don’t think you deserve to be where you are.” A world leader. Ranted like a child. On Twitter. This, in general, is not news. The screaming Cheeto does this pretty much every day because he’s a weak, sad, insecure heap of hot air who has to hide behind his social media because he can’t face the real media. But he went after an actual hero. This man who is about to be the leader of the free world respects a dangerous, vicious, creepy Russian dictator more than he respects an actual American hero.

Tell me again how he’s going to make America great again? By insulting the greatest among us? I don’t think so. At least several members of the Grand Oppressive Party stood up and said that Trump was wrong, so at least that proves there might be a speck of humanity somewhere in our government. Maybe.

Five days.


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