T-Minus 6 Days: The Grand Oppressive Party


Today the House of Representatives advanced a budget plan that will gut the ACA and, more than that, green lights adding nine trillion dollars to the national debt. Let me show you what that actually looks like in numbers:


This is the plan from the political party that likes to bill themselves as the party who cares the most about debt, money, taxes, and the economy. What is that old saying, something about actions speaking louder than words? If you’re having trouble with the actions speaking to you, let me put it down for you in black and white: the GOP doesn’t care. About your health and personal financial situation (evidenced by their desperate grab to take away insurance to those otherwise without it.) About the economic health of our country (evidenced by that nine trillion greenlighting o’doom.) Don’t even get me started about the attempts to make abortion illegal and how gutting the ACA actually could prevent the oh-so-evil abortion situation by providing birth control for free.

The GOP. Not the Grand Old Party, not the party of Lincoln. Lincoln gave a damn about people.  The GOP today? They only care about tearing people down and holding them there. The Grand Oppressive Party. My dear conservative friends…please wake up. Do something to actual live and protect your values. Don’t let them hurt your friends, neighbors, and in some cases yourselves with their policies designed to hurt, not help.

Six days.


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